What We Do

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  • Sourcing

    We source books through our established relationships with some of the leading book retailers in the UK, as well as universities, student groups and academic publishing houses

  • Selection

    Books are selected according to a set of strict quality guidelines – our interest is in educational and text books that will be of value to students of all ages in our beneficiary communities

  • Shipping

    Books are sorted for shipping at our processing centre in Milton Keynes – we aim to ship two 40 ft. containers per month to African schools with each container holding at least 50,000 books

Safe Delivery

Working with our own clearing and transport agents and Project Manager in Africa, we liaises with state agencies to ensure the speedy passage of books through customs and safe delivery to schools and universities

Use of Books

We maintain contact with local schools and communities (as well as relevant local and national government departments), and work with them to collect information about the usage of books and the difference they make to the attainments of the students


The efficiency of our process enables us to donate, ship and distribute each book for less than 50p per book