Ihezie Foundation to give huge gift of books to Africa

Ihezie Foundation to give huge gift of books to Africa

For many years Aloysius Ihezie, Founder of Ihezie Foundation, has shown great interest in the value of education both in terms of the overall betterment of mankind and also for the vital role that education can play in helping to move people out of poverty and ignorance. To this end the recently registered Ihezie Foundation has promised to send one million carefully selected text books to Anambra State in Nigeria, a target which the Foundation is aiming to achieve by the end of 2016. As an important first step Ihezie Foundation is proud to announce that, in the presence of representatives from the Anambra State Government and the Ministry of Education, the first consignment of one hundred thousand books was despatched from the Foundation’s Milton Keynes offices on 17th September.

Why Nigeria? Nigeria has a population of over 180 million and is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. It is also a country with potentially huge wealth from its great reserves of oil but sadly it is also a country which has failed to invest in the basic education needs necessary to keep pace with a fast growing population. It is a country where ten and half million children are not even attending school and of those who do on average only around 50% go on to secondary school. And even where children are lucky enough to attend school in some of the poorer areas as many as twenty children will have to share just one text book.

This latest consignment follows an initial donation of 600,000 books sent to the Imo State Government, Nigeria, in 2011 and 2012. All the books are put through a careful screening process and those with educational value are processed and packed prior to their despatch by Ihezie Foundation to schools and colleges throughout Anambra State. Ihezie Foundation has plans to send many more books to Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Gambia and Sierra Leone.

Books provide the foundation from which all children gain knowledge, inspiration and motivation. Providing appropriate and sufficient books and learning materials enables underprivileged children to access learning, feel valued and understand and recognize the link between education and positive change. Books are the basic tools of all education, inspiring children to read, learn and stay on in education. These selected educational books are sent in the hope and belief that they will make a major contribution to the education of so many children in Africa and prove of lasting benefit to future generations.

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