Unveiling of 500,000 Text Books by Anambra State Govt.

Unveiling of 500,000 Text Books by Anambra State Govt.

Unveiled at the Alex Ekwueme Square, Anambra State Capital, Awka, were the first half a million textbooks donated by Ihezie Foundation, with the second batch of half a million to follow in the very near future.

In attendance for the official Unveiling Ceremony were thousands of students and teachers as well as Government officials and dignitaries.

The Ceremony began in traditional fashion with the March Past by the students from the various districts, which was followed by a traditional African dance performance.

Dignitaries, traditional rulers, state officials, clergymen and heads of educational institutions await the arrival of the Deputy-Governor of Anambra State.

The arrival of His Excellency Dr Nkem Okeke Deputy-Governor of Anambra State to officiate at the Unveiling Ceremony of Ihezie Foundation’s donation of half a million textbooks to schools and universities in Anambra State

Standing for the National Anthem, State Anthem and Educational Anthem.

Welcome address by the Permanent Secretary of Anambra State and the traditional presentation of Kola nuts.

Address by the Hon. Commissioner for Education Anambra State Government, Prof. Kate Omenugha.

Michael Bloedorn CEO of Ihezie Foundation greeting the crowd with a traditional Igbo greeting. In his speech he commended the Anambra State Government for its efforts to partner with Ihezie Foundation in the distribution of the donated textbooks and for providing the enabling support for the continued aims of the charity to ensure that all schools and universities in Nigeria and across Africa benefit from the educational empowerment of an abundance of textbooks.

Aloysius Ihezie, Chairman of Ihezie Foundation stated: “We are very aware that in the UK, children have an abundance of books whereas the availability of such books here in Africa are much more restricted and in some instances absent.”
“Donating these books enable us to demonstrate our solidarity with the students of Anambra State and to support the Ministry of Education in all their efforts to provide increased educational opportunities for Anambra State children.”

The goodwill message received from The World Bank was read to commemorate the occasion of the textbook Unveiling. Followed by Ihezie Foundation presenting His Excellency Dr Nkem Okeke Deputy-Governor of Anambra State, with sample textbooks.

In his speech, His Excellency Dr Nkem Okeke pledged the ongoing support of his Government to Ihezie Foundation in completing the donation and distribution of One Million textbooks to Anambra State.

The Official Unveiling of Half a Million Textbooks donated by Ihezie Foundation to Anambra State schools and universities. The textbooks were unveiled by His Excellency Dr Nkem Okeke Deputy-Governor of Anambra State and Honourable Commissioner for Education, Professor Kate Omenugha. Followed by the kick-off of distribution of textbooks by His Excellency to the students and headteachers of attending schools and universities.

It was with excited smiles that the head teachers and students of more than one thousand schools received their consignment of textbooks. With long lines of school buses and vans collecting in their turn and delivering the half a million textbooks into the schools and universities throughout the afternoon.

History was made in Nigeria on Tuesday the 31st January 2017 as UK Charity Ihezie Foundation presented and unveiled the first batch of the One Million educational textbooks donated to schools and universities in Anambra State.
Ihezie Foundation presented the textbooks in partnership with the Anambra State Ministry of Education to promote reading culture, literacy and numeracy attainment in schools throughout the State.
Ihezie Foundation’s key objectives are aimed at assisting students in Africa in the effort to eradicate illiteracy, enhance the educational standards and most importantly place African students on par with their counterparts in the developed countries of the world.