Why Book Relief?

‘Only 1 out of 20 students in sub-Saharan Africa has access to textbooks’

World Bank, 2015

‘Next to an engaged and prepared teacher, the availability of textbooks is the most effective way to improve instruction and learning.’

UNESCO, 2016

In any country or community, one of mankind’s greatest gifts to the next generation is to provide the means whereby children can receive a good education; never is this more important than in Africa where currently so many children are denied access to quality education. Helping to achieve that amazing objective are the books that can inspire children to learn, to gain a skill or just to enjoy.  And helping to make that dream come true is the mission of Ihezie Foundation-Book Relief.

Through Ihezie Foundation-Book Relief, we are working to donate one million educational books every year to schools, colleges and libraries throughout the UK and Africa.

Our mission is to acquire, ship, and distribute textbooks to children and young people to support their education.

Education is vital if Africa is to thrive. Education is the missing key to helping Africa become a thriving society, promoting tolerance and peace, innovation and advancement and positive self-sustaining growth without which many children and families will continue to live in poverty.

Education in Africa however, is poor. Ramshackle and overcrowded classrooms with too few teachers are made worse by a chronic lack of textbooks and teaching resources. Maths and science books and other teaching materials are virtually non-existent and the few books that schools do have mean that up to 20 children often have to share one book

Many children and students rely on copying from the black board, teacher dictation and low cost leaflets that are generally poorly written and poorly produced. There is no doubt, education in Africa is poor and a one of the key factors is the simple lack of resources. All children should have a basic right to education because without education, things cannot change.

The lasting impact of education is enormous.

  • In economic growth, education leads to greater job opportunities. No country in history has ever achieved continuous economic growth with less than 40% adult literacy rates.
  • Higher wages – for every year of additional education it has been shown that the earnings of boys will be 10% higher and for girls as much as 25% more.
  • Gender equality – every year of maths learned, 62% of girls are more likely to start their own business as an adult. Increased wages for women to support their families leads to fewer child marriages and reduced child labour.
  • Improved health – Education reduces childhood mortality rates and promotes smaller families with healthier children. It has also been shown that educated youths are 57% less likely to contract HIV.
  • Improved quality of life – Educated children are less likely to become victims of violence and abuse and they are more likely to invest in their own families and communities as adults.  Educated children will ensure that their own children access education in the next generation, creating a perpetual cycle of change.

Given the above we believe that the work of Ihezie Foundation-Book Relief, in some of the world’s poorest areas, will have a significant and positive impact on the lives of many young people.

We invite everyone who loves books to share our passion for this great project; if receiving a new book thrills you, imagine the delight of many thousands of school children when they receive and hold their first of many donated books.

With your help we can make a difference. Help us to help transform the lives and education of children in Africa.

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